Caste by Ty Best

Under the name Caste, Ty Best has developed a collection of furniture, lighting and objects that reflect his years as both a visual artist, sculptor, and leading fashion stylist.  After studying and pursuing careers in both California and New York, Ty returned to his native Montana where he continues to work, alongside a team of skilled local artisans, to realise his unique design language in a palette of organic materials including a wide range of woods, marble, bronze, and steel.  In all his pieces, the forms and materials, restraint, and craftsmanship are at once apparent, the growing collection having received critical acclaim since the outset in 2007.


Ty Best has created new furniture and lighting pieces and special editions for Willer, to be launched in September 2015.  Exclusively represented by Willer in the UK, a selection of pieces is always on display in the gallery.

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