Progetto Domestico by Vincenzo de Cotiis

Renowned Italian architect and designer Vincenzo de Cotiis studied art in Venice before training in architecture at Milan’s famous Polytechnic.  The furniture he designs and produces for the Progetto Domestico collection has evoked descriptions such as ‘industrial elegance’ and ‘monastery meets laboratory’. Both the form and the materials reveal his unique approach to that rare combination, works of art that are also highly useable pieces.

Many of the pieces in the collection are made from salvaged and reclaimed materials, complete with signs of age and use, combined with the new, precious or industrial, rough or raw — a perfect embodiment of de Cotiis’s unique style. All are intended to patinate over time, and always he continues to experiment with the materials, using contemporary techniques and inventing new processes to achieve highly sophisticated results.

The Progetto Domestico work has gained international attention and recognition, including a number of awards.

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