Privacy Policy

Willer, a private gallery, collects information given to them from their clients, which can include client name, email address, postal address, telephone number(s), and client preferences. Willer also collects freely available data information from openly published sources about highly relevant companies in businesses which may be interested in the goods and services Willer offers.

The data is used solely for the purpose of occasionally contacting Willer’s clients and potential clients via email, or hard copy, in relation to:

Willer is entitled to use the data in the above manner by virtue of the direct consent of the client at the time of giving the data, and/or commercial marketing usual practice which accords with The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) which governs such use. In all instances, the data is used only in the legitimate commercial interests pursued by Willer, and is the least intrusive method for conveying news and information concerning the Willer business to its existing clients and potential clients.

The data will not be shared with any third parties, and will only be used for the sending of the types of information set out further above.

The data will be stored until such time as the client or potential client either choses to ‘unsubscribe’ on receipt of a Willer email, and/or contacts Willer at any time on asking to be removed from the data base.

Should any person or entity on the database have any complaint about any aspect of Willer’s use of their data and/or the content of any of the Willer mailings, they should contact The complaint will be addressed within 24 hours if received during normal business hours, or within 24 hours of Willer reopening following receipt during a weekend or a holiday closure. Willer can also always be contacted by telephone during business hours on +44 (0)207 937 3518.

Willer is the trading name of the Willer Partnership.